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Where Can I Find Respite Care in Houston, TX?

Nurse smiles as he chats with senior in respite care in Houston, TX

Roughly 573,000 seniors 1 currently live within the city limits of Houston, TX, or in greater Harris County. What’s more, the region is rapidly aging. Many Houston seniors rely on a family member to care for their day-to-day needs. Effective caregiving is a wonderful thing to provide for your loved one. However, eventually, you may need a break from your responsibilities. When that time comes, you might want to call on the services of respite care in Houston, TX. Programs of this type can help you rest and rejuvenate before you return to your caregiving duties.

Call Parkway Place today at 281.305.1846 to learn how our Houston, TX respite care can help you or a loved one today. Everyone deserves a break.

Why You Might Need Respite Care in Houston, TX

Family members who take on senior caregiving duties help support their loved ones in various ways. Specific kinds of support you may provide include:

  • Taking care of housekeeping and other light chores
  • Driving your loved one to local destinations
  • Helping your loved one keep track of their medication use
  • Preparing food
  • Going shopping
  • Assisted with bathing or grooming
  • Providing companionship throughout the day

Even in the best circumstances, these tasks can make your typical day longer and harder. Over time, you may lose your enthusiasm for them. You may also find yourself starting to feel physically or emotionally unwell.

These are common signs of caregiver burnout. Unless you do something about them, they can grow worse. They may end up seriously decreasing your sense of wellness and life satisfaction. Respite care in Texas and elsewhere is designed for caregivers in just this kind of situation.

What Does Houston, TX, Respite Care Do for You?

What happens in senior respite care in Houston? The primary goal of all respite programs is to help you take a much-needed break from your caregiving routine. For a limited amount of time, you turn your duties over to senior caregiving specialists. These specialists support your loved one while you rest and recuperate.

Since your Houston, TX, respite care is provided by professionals, you’ll know your family member is well looked after. This peace of mind makes it easier for you to do such things as:

  • Improve your own general state of well-being
  • Take a vacation
  • Renew your social connections
  • Receive any needed medical or mental health services

When you return from your break, you’ll probably feel much better. As a result, you’ll feel more prepared to take on the demands of senior caregiving.

Who Offers Senior Respite Care in Houston?

What are your potential sources for respite care in Houston? You may find local agencies that specialize in this service. These agencies tend to offer in-home respite care. In other words, they send someone to stay with your loved one while you take a break.

You can also call on the services of a senior living provider like Parkway Place. These providers tend to offer respite care on their campuses rather than at your home. This is sometimes a much more fulfilling option for seniors. Why? It allows them to take a break of their own while still getting all of their important needs met.

Enroll in Respite Care in Houston, TX, at Parkway Place

Respite care can make all the difference in your long-term durability as a senior caregiver. With its help, you can take periodic breaks from your everyday routine. And you can do so with the knowledge that your loved one will continue to get the support they need.

Need respite care in Texas? At Parkway Place, we feature this option for residents of Houston and nearby communities. We’re conveniently located at 1321 Park Bayou Drive, not far from I-10, Highway 6, and Westheimer Road. Call us today at 281.305.1846 or complete our online form to find out more.

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