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Long-Term Skilled Nursing Care: What Is It and How Does it Work?

Senior asks nurse, "What is long term skilled nursing care?"

Wondering what long-term skilled nursing care is? Senior long-term skilled nursing care provides seniors with the help and support they need to live comfortably and independently while receiving medical care in a safe environment. Skilled nursing is an important part of the long-term care continuum for seniors. To learn about Parkway Place’s long-term skilled nursing care, contact us at 281.305.1846 today.

What Is Long-Term Skilled Nursing Care?

Long-term skilled nursing care is a specialized form of healthcare designed to meet the needs of individuals who have chronic illnesses or disabilities. This type of care provides a comprehensive range of medical, personal, and social services tailored to the unique needs of each resident. Services typically include assistance with:

  • Daily activities such as grooming, bathing, and medication management
  • 24-hour supervision
  • Physical, occupational, and speech therapy

At Parkway Place, we prioritize the health and well-being of seniors. Our skilled nursing professionals have the experience and expertise to provide residents with personalized attention and support.

How Does Long-Term Skilled Nursing Care Work?

Long-term skilled nursing care operates on the principle of providing round-the-clock medical attention to residents. A team of licensed nurse clinicians works tirelessly to monitor the health status of residents, administer medication, and provide necessary therapies. As part of this process, each resident’s health condition and needs are evaluated to develop a customized care plan. This ensures that every individual receives the appropriate level of care and attention they require.

At Parkway Place, we incorporate a few core principles into our approach to care:

  • Connection
  • Independence
  • Purpose
  • Security
  • Service

These principles guide us in creating a supportive environment that promotes the holistic well-being of all of our residents.

What Is Long-Term Nursing Care and How Is It Different?

While long-term skilled nursing care focuses on providing medical and therapeutic care for chronic conditions or disabilities, long-term nursing care often refers to non-medical care provided over an extended period. This type of care typically includes help with daily activities such as bathing, dressing, and eating. However, the main difference lies in the level of care provided. Long-term skilled nursing care usually involves more complex and comprehensive care provided by licensed medical professionals, making it suitable for individuals with serious health conditions or those recovering from surgery.

Benefits of Long-Term Skilled Nursing Care

The benefits of long-term skilled nursing care are manifold. First and foremost, it ensures that residents receive round-the-clock medical attention from a team of professionals. This constant supervision and care provide peace of mind to both the residents and their families.

Secondly, long-term skilled nursing care provides a supportive environment that promotes the holistic well-being of residents. The incorporation of various therapies and activities into the care plan not only improves physical health but also caters to the emotional and social needs of the residents.

Lastly, long-term skilled nursing care comes with a range of amenities and services designed to enrich the lives of residents. From recreational and educational programs to nutrition education and counseling, every aspect is aimed at providing an engaging and fulfilling living experience.

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If you or your loved one could benefit from long-term skilled nursing care, Parkway Place can provide the care and support needed for a comfortable and fulfilling life.

Our senior long-term skilled nursing care benefits extend beyond just medical attention. We believe in the holistic well-being of our residents. Our luxury community boasts a spa, a library, arts and crafts sessions, group outings, and even pet-friendly spaces.

To learn more about our services, contact Parkway Place at 281.305.1846 today.