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About Parkway Place

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Parkway Place Senior Living is a unique retirement community within the Houston, Texas area. We strive for excellence each day, giving each resident of our community the best possible care and experiences, giving them opportunities to flourish throughout their time with us. When you’re a part of the senior living community at Parkway Place, you live in the company of other people around your age who have similar needs, dreams, and goals. When you live in our community, you have the tools to attain those goals and make a difference in the world around you.

Are you ready to learn more about Parkway Place Senior Living? Do you want to visit our senior living community? If so, call us today at 281.305.1846 or reach out to our compassionate team members using our helpful online form. Let us help you find a place you can call home.

About Parkway Place Senior Living

Parkway Place Senior Living is proud to be part of the faith-based nonprofit senior living provider Buckner Retirement Services. Our focus isn’t just on what our community is or how we provide for our community. We also focus on why we serve you and the other residents of Parkway Place. Each member of our team is passionate about our jobs because we believe serving older adults is our calling. We strive to serve our community with distinction and diligence because we are only a small part of a grander mission.

Parkway Place is also proud to be a branch of the Buckner International community. As part of this organization, both residents and staff members can serve the Houston area in a variety of roles. For instance, many of our residents assist in our backpack drive that serves foster children in our area. We also host important events and holiday parties for the children and families who are also in the Buckner Children and Family Services network.

What the Members of the Parkway Place Community Can Expect from Us

As members of the Parkway Place Senior Living community, residents enjoy active, independent, and dynamic lifestyles based on their interests and abilities. Each community member has the opportunity to continuously move as they engage in our many experiences throughout the day, including our programs, events, and outings.

Furthermore, our residents are able to enjoy a wide variety of lifestyles in our community. For instance, we provide a multitude of social opportunities for those who enjoy meeting people their age with similar experiences, tastes, and preferences. However, we also offer several comfortable and spacious apartments for those who would prefer to read, nap, or browse the Internet in comfort. We also offer a variety of opportunities to help our residents stay healthy and engaged through our community wellness programs.

Additionally, we want each member of our community to know that, whether they are staff or residents, they are part of our family. We do life with each other every day, giving you a close-knit community of friends and neighbors.

Visit Parkway Place Senior Living Today

You deserve to experience the best possible lifestyle during your golden years, and through Parkway Place, you can get that life. When you contact our compassionate and caring team members, we provide you with our signature hospitality, so you feel like family when you first walk through our doors. Our team is here to serve you and your family throughout your stay in our community.

We offer a range of services at our retirement community in Houston, Texas, including:

Are you ready to become part of a larger family that is committed to vibrant and dynamic living? If so, contact Parkway Place Senior Living today at 281.305.1846 or look at our floorplan options to determine if we have one that fits your needs.