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How to Find a Realtor Specializing in Selling Senior Homes

a senior couple meets with a realtor to discuss selling their home and moving into assisted living

Many seniors across America would likely benefit from downsizing and selling their homes. You may want to do this for any number of reasons. One common motivation is preparation for a move into a senior living community. Unfortunately, not all realtors are geared toward helping older homeowners. How can you find a real estate agent who meets your specific needs? A few telltale signs will help direct you toward realtors who specialize in providing services for seniors.

At Parkway Place, we can help you connect to resources and services that will help you and your loved one when it’s time to consider selling their home and transitioning into assisted living. Contact us at 281.305.1846 for more information.

How to Identify Realtors Specializing in Selling Senior Homes

One of the easiest ways to identify real estate agents specializing in seniors is by looking for providers with SRES certification. This certification designates realtors as Senior Real Estate Specialists. To receive such a designation, an agent must complete coursework offered by the National Association of Realtors.

SRES realtors specialize in helping homeowners aged 50 or older. They’re trained to:

  • Use no-pressure methods to support you during the selling process
  • Act with dignity and respect at all times
  • Work with estate planners and other service providers who focus on helping seniors
  • Help you find senior living communities that fit your wants and needs
  • Work with adult children who care for senior parents
  • Find specialists who can help you stage your home before the sale

It’s easy to find contact information for any SRES realtors working in your area. Just search the National Association of Realtors dedicated SRES website.

Realtors specializing in seniors are at work throughout the U.S. Chances are, you’ll find providers working in most communities. In larger communities, you may enjoy a multitude of provider options. For example, several hundred SRES-certified realtors offer services in the greater Houston area.

How Many Realtors Should You Contact?

When planning to sell your home, it’s a good idea to contact multiple real estate agents specializing in senior homes. Why? Any given realtor may have an approach that differs from other providers. They may also have different levels of experience helping seniors. In addition, you may simply prefer one realtor over another for intangible reasons.

How many SRES realtors should you talk to? Most experts recommend contacting at least three providers. However, you may want to identify even more options before narrowing them down to your finalists.

Questions to Ask Agents Who Specialize in Real Estate for Seniors

Any SRES-certified realtor should have the core skills needed to sell real estate for seniors. However, it’s still a good idea to dig deeper and ask some key questions. That way, you’ll have a better chance of finding the best possible option for your situation. Some of the most important questions to ask any prospective realtor include:

  • How long have they been working with seniors?
  • What is their success rate in helping seniors sell their homes?
  • How does their approach specifically benefit older adults?
  • What’s the best time to sell property in your local real estate market?
  • How will they market your home?

The answers to these and other questions will give you the information you need to make wise choices.

Learn More About Finding Realtors Specializing in Seniors at Parkway Place

Want more information on finding an effective senior real estate specialist? Talk to the experts at Parkway Place. Year-round, we help older adults make the transition into senior living communities. Our unique perspective makes it possible for us to provide you with timely support and advice.

Are you making plans for the next steps after selling your home? Parkway Place is your source for top-notch senior living options in greater Houston. We feature comprehensive services for retired adults from all walks of life. To learn more about our full range of programs, just call us today at 281.305.1846. You can also contact us through our online form.