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10 Balance Exercises for Seniors to Improve Strength

seniors improve their strength with balance exercises

As you grow older, your muscles and nerves undergo certain changes. The end result of these changes is typically reduced strength and slowed reaction times. Together, such factors can interfere with your ability to maintain body balance. In turn, you may find yourself at increased risk for falls and related injuries. Fortunately, you can take steps to improve your balance and preserve your health and wellness. A wide range of senior-friendly exercises can help you meet these essential goals.

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Why Do Health Experts Strongly Recommend Balance Exercises for Seniors?

Body balance is one of those abilities that you may take for granted until you lose it. A whole host of daily activities depend on your capacity to balance and coordinate your movements. Such activities include:

  • Walking
  • Standing and sitting
  • Getting into and out of bed
  • Going up or down flights of stairs

A well-coordinated and balanced body helps you perform these kinds of actions safely. In turn, you reduce your chances of falling or losing body control. A poorly coordinated and balanced body decreases your safety margin. As a result, your chances of falling rise.

Balance exercises for seniors can help you avoid a decline in your level of body control. In addition, they can help you restore at least some of the control you enjoyed in the past. Crucially, senior balance exercises also help you stay safe and injury-free in everyday life.

Basic Goals of Exercises for Balance for Seniors

Specific muscles in your body play a key role in helping you stay balanced. These muscles are located in your:

  • Upper and lower legs
  • Abdominal core

The main goal of balance exercises for seniors is to strengthen those key areas. Activities in this category can also help strengthen and support other muscles that affect your ability to stay balanced. That includes muscles in your back and arms.

Common Balance Exercises for Seniors

There are many options for effective balancing exercises for seniors. Ten options you may want to consider include:

  1. Single limb stance
  2. The tightrope
  3. Back leg raises
  4. Rock the boat
  5. Side leg raises
  6. Toe lifts
  7. Marching in place
  8. Wall pushups
  9. Calf stretches
  10. Walking heel to toe

Each of these exercises targets a specific muscle or group of muscles. To perform them, you must follow a set sequence of movements. Some balancing exercises for seniors are free-standing. Others require the use of a chair, wall, or another form of prop or support.

The Importance of Caution When Performing Senior Balance Exercises

When performed properly, balance exercises help you stay fit and well. However, when performed improperly, they can be unsafe or even outright dangerous. In addition, you may have health issues that make specific types of exercises unsuitable for you.

Always talk to your doctor before you start a body balance routine. This will help you determine if there are certain kinds of movements you should avoid. Instructions on how to perform specific exercises are widely available on the Internet. However, as a rule, it’s much safer to consult an exercise expert.

Get More Information on Balance Exercises for Seniors at Parkway Place

Want to learn more about effective balance exercises for seniors? Talk to the senior living specialists at Parkway Place. We’re happy to explain how you can benefit from these exercises.

Parkway Place features a range of exercise options for seniors of all ages. That includes exercises specifically designed to help you build and maintain body balance. With our help, you can stay vigorous and vital long after your retirement years begin. Call us today at 281.305.1846 for more details on our senior programs. You can also reach us online.