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10 Things to do with Seniors with Limited Mobility

a group of seniors do some chair exercises

Health and wellness are vital for people of all ages. They’re also important for people with a range of physical abilities. As you or your loved one age, you may develop mobility issues that significantly limit your movement. However, despite these kinds of issues, continued activity is essential. What activities are fun and suitable for seniors affected by limited mobility? Depending on the details of your situation, you may enjoy any of a wide assortment of potential options.

Fun Things to Do With Seniors


Regular exercise is crucial for everyone. That includes seniors with mobility issues. Options that you or your loved one may like include:

  • Chair yoga
  • Other forms of seated exercise
  • Balance exercises performed with the support of a walker

Exercises and activities that help promote blood flow to your feet and ankles are also important.

 Enjoy the Great Outdoors

Limited mobility does not doom you to a life of living inside. You can still enjoy the great outdoors. That’s true even if you can only go for brief walks or spend some time on the porch.


Reading can benefit older adults in multiple ways. Specific potential benefits include:

  • Memory and sleep improvements
  • Lowered stress levels
  • Retention of your mental sharpness

Some seniors prefer to read on their own. However, others join or start book clubs.

Start a New Hobby

Mobility issues won’t stop seniors from starting many fun, new hobbies. Things that you may find appealing include everything from knitting to birdwatching and playing an instrument. A new hobby helps you stay mentally active and stave off boredom.


It’s important to avoid letting limited mobility contribute to social isolation. Make an effort to socialize with others as often as possible. Both adults and children can help you lift your spirits and enjoy your days.

 Work on Puzzles

Puzzling can be an exciting, engaging way to pass the time. Common choices include both crossword puzzles and jigsaw puzzles. Play by yourself or in the company of others.

Get Creative

Research shows that creative activities can help seniors avoid depression and other negative mental states. They can also support improvements in your physical health. Mobility limitations won’t prevent you from participating in various creative endeavors. That includes things such as painting, making scrapbooks, drawing, and sculpting.

 Grow a Garden

You may think that gardening is out of the question for seniors with mobility issues. But this is far from the case. An outdoor container garden may be just the right fit for you. You can also try growing an indoor garden.

Watch TV

Watching TV may seem like a boring or static activity. However, given the wealth of programming available today, it doesn’t have to be. No matter your interests, you’ll probably find a program or two that helps you fulfill them.

 Take Up a Cause

Volunteer work is another excellent option for seniors with mobility issues. Supporting a cause you believe in not only helps you fill your days but can also help you find purpose and meaning in life.

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