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How to Find a Retirement Home and Community

a senior couple discusses their options for senior living and a retirement home

As America’s population ages, the need for appropriate retirement home options increases steadily. At one time, the range of these options was fairly limited. However, today, the senior living industry includes a vast array of programs, communities, and services. How can you wade through all of the potential retirement home providers and find those that meet your needs? Experts recommend that you do several things to simplify your search and find a suitable retirement community.

Find a Retirement Home – Determine Your Needs

Seniors of retirement age come from all walks of life. They also have highly diverse care needs. You must assess your needs and look for communities capable of meeting them. Depending on your situation, the right option may be:

  • Independent living
  • Assisted living
  • Long-term skilled nursing care
  • Memory care

Each of these options comes with its own features, type, and level of supporting services. Take the time to research them and determine which of them makes the most sense for your situation.

How to Find a Retirement Home – Set Your Budget

It would be nice if you had unlimited resources for retirement living. However, in reality, almost everyone has a budget that determines how much they can spend. When setting your budget for senior living, it’s important to keep certain things in mind.

A chief consideration is value for your dollar. Programs that seem affordable at first may exclude services that greatly enhance your quality of life. At the same time, programs that seem pricier may include those services. By spending a bit more, you may end up with a far more preferable living situation. It’s also important to note that some communities are profit-based, while others operate as nonprofits. Nonprofit communities are often more affordable than for-profit communities that offer the same amenities.

Finding a Retirement Home – Create Your Short List

The next step is creating a short list of potential retirement home options. Your personal needs and budget are major factors in putting this kind of list together. Location may also have a significant impact on your decision-making. Even the highest-rated communities might not suit you if they’re located in areas that don’t appeal to you.

Touring Your Short List

A tour of your short-list communities is absolutely essential. A first-hand visit can help you assess factors that might otherwise be hard to gauge. That includes things such as the following:

  • General community atmosphere
  • Approach and demeanor of the retirement home’s staff
  • Quality of the home’s services

For various reasons, you may be unable to tour a contending community in person. If so, request a virtual tour that provides you with as much relevant information as possible.

How to Find a Retirement Home – Question, Question, Question

As you narrow down your choices, make sure to get answers to any remaining questions you may have. Many people find it helpful to write their questions down in advance and go through them one by one. Regardless of your own preferred approach, leave no stone unturned. That way, you’ll truly have everything you need to make an informed decision.

Find a Retirement Home With Help From Parkway Place

Want a more complete rundown on how to find a retirement home for yourself or your loved one? Talk to the experts at Parkway Place. We’re standing by with the information you need to guide a successful search process.

Parkway Place is also your source for top-quality retirement living. We feature a unique approach that combines luxury with a nonprofit operating model. Our comprehensive slate of programs and services provides options to suit the needs of all seniors. Call us today at 281.305.1846 to get started or fill out our online form.