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What to Expect from Modern Senior Living

seniors socialize in modern senior living

Today, many senior living facilities rely on a 20th-century model of care. This model was helpful in its time. However, it also had some significant drawbacks. In stark contrast, some facilities have jumped vigorously into the 21st century. As a result, they provide modern services and programs you might not find in a typical nursing home. Modern options offer a variety of advantages over what came before them. Awareness of these advantages may change your ideas of what to expect when seeking a senior community.

Types of Programs Available in Modern Senior Living

Modern senior living places a heavy emphasis on providing services that fit specific needs. In line with this approach, you can expect to see multiple forms of care offered in a full-service facility. The four main care options are:

  • Independent living
  • Assisted living
  • Memory care
  • Long-term skilled nursing care

Programs in each of these categories offer services that benefit specific groups of seniors. Together, they cover the full range of potential needs of retired seniors.

Top senior living facilities may also offer a fifth program option: respite care. This option is not primarily designed for seniors. Instead, it supports the needs of those responsible for caring for senior loved ones.

Services Available in a Modern Senior Living Nursing Home

Essentially all nursing homes provide certain kinds of services to their residents. The most common of these core amenities include dining, housekeeping, and fitness services. However, modern senior living nursing homes tend to offer a wide array of additional services. Amenities available in top facilities include things such as:

  • Recreational and fitness programs
  • Expanded exercise services
  • Pools and/or spas
  • Libraries and educational programs
  • Expanded dining services
  • Counseling and education for nutritional issues
  • Regularly scheduled group trips and outings

Many modern facilities are also pet-friendly.

Housing Options in Modern Nursing Facilities

When you picture a nursing home, you may conjure images of long, gray corridors of rooms. But the housing situation in a modern nursing home is nothing like this. You can expect to find a variety of room layouts for both apartments and private cottages. Within these housing units, you’ll enjoy a range of amenities that make daily life easier and safer.

Health-Related Services in Modern Senior Living

Seniors of retirement age have a full gamut of health needs. Some people require little or no extra help in this area. However, others require much more extensive support to stay healthy and well. To provide this added support, modern senior living facilities may offer a range of health-related services.

For example, they may help you manage your medications. They may also offer various kinds of therapies. Potential examples here include speech, physical and occupational therapy. Trained, licensed personnel administer and oversee these services.

Tech Services in Modern Nursing Homes

Modern nursing facilities are in-step with today’s technology standards. This means that they offer convenient, wireless Internet services. They also help their residents adapt to all onsite tech options. In addition, they rely on up-to-date camera systems to monitor the safety of outdoor spaces.

Get More Information on Modern Senior Living at Parkway Place

Want to know more about what to expect in modern senior living? The specialists at Parkway Place are standing by to assist you. We offer an expert perspective on how modern facilities operate. In this way, we can help you set expectations that fit today’s reality.

Parkway Place also serves as a model of modern senior living. We’re committed to providing everything you need to thrive in retirement. That’s true no matter your specific care needs. For more information on our state-of-the-art approach, call us today at 281.305.1846. We’re also available through our online form.