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Signs It Is Time for Your Parent to Stop Driving

signs a senior should stop driving

As your parents age, you naturally want them to remain independent as long as possible. However, there will probably come a time when it’s no longer safe for them to do certain things. In many cases, that includes driving a motor vehicle. When the risks are just too high, a living facility that provides transportation for seniors may be a perfect solution. How can you tell when that time has come? Certain telltale signs can help you make that decision.

Signs a Senior Should Stop Driving – Slowed Reaction Times

Slowed reaction times are a natural part of the aging process. Up to a point, such slowdowns may not have any great practical impact. However, you may notice specific driving issues that create a danger for your parents or others. Common examples of these kinds of issues include:

  • Not stopping on time at stop signs or red lights
  • Running completely through a stop sign or red light
  • Failing to brake in time when animals or children enter the road

All such problems are likely signs a senior should stop driving.

senior Parents and Unsafe Driving – Declining Vision or Hearing

To drive safely, you must make full use of your vision and hearing. Unfortunately, these two senses often decline significantly with age. Your parents may be able to adjust to any such changes with help from glasses, surgery, or hearing aids.

But eventually, these technological remedies may not be enough. It’s time to consider that possibility if your parent has trouble reading street signs. The same holds true if they don’t respond to things such as car horns and emergency sirens.

Easy Distractibility as a Reason for Seniors Giving Up Their License

Safe driving requires a considerable amount of focus and concentration. That’s true because of the numerous potential distractions that can occur when you’re behind the wheel. Depending on the situation, such distractions may include:

  • Conversation with a passenger
  • The desire to adjust your climate control or music player
  • Use of a phone or GPS device
  • Everyday mind-wandering or daydreaming

The more distracted you are, the higher the odds of accidents and other mishaps.

Cognitive decline in seniors can lead to a reduced ability to focus attention. This means that things that were once not an issue may eventually become obvious driving distractions. You may be able to help your parents focus if you regularly ride with them. However, giving up their license is a  far safer option for some seniors.

Reasons for Seniors Stopping Driving – Poor Control When Driving

There are also other potential reasons for seniors stopping driving. For example, your parents may no longer be able to adequately control their vehicle. As a result, they may swerve when driving or have difficulty staying in their lane of traffic. You may also notice repeated problems driving too slow or too fast for the current road conditions. It pays to take these kinds of warning signs very seriously. If you don’t, the end result may be a serious crash or accident.

Learn More About senior Parents and Unsafe Driving at Parkway Place

These are just some of the possible signs that a senior should stop driving. For more information, talk to the professionals at Parkway Place. We know that, for seniors, quitting driving can be a painful practical, and symbolic act. We can help you determine if and when this step becomes necessary.

Parkway Place also offers support for seniors who no longer drive. Our convenient transportation services can help smooth the transition to this new phase of life. To learn more, just call us today at 281.305.1846 or reach out through our online form.