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How to Talk to Your Senior Parent About Memory Care

talking to a senior about memory

Memory care is often an excellent living option for seniors affected by Alzheimer’s or other forms of dementia. A well-designed program will support your senior parent with vital services. However, for various reasons, it can be not easy to talk to your parent about transitioning to memory care. How can you make that tough conversation go as smoothly as possible? Senior living experts recommend that you take certain key steps. When you reach out to Buckner Parkway Place, we’ll gladly walk you through your family’s options.

Educate Yourself About Moving Into Senior Memory Care

Before you talk to your senior parent, you must learn as much about memory care. Typically, that process includes things such as:

  • Recognizing when your parent might need memory care
  • Seeking the opinion of an experienced professional
  • Talking with your siblings or other family members
  • Learning what defines high-quality memory care

It’s also a good idea to tour any facility you’re considering. You may opt for an in-person visit. Today, many facilities offer virtual tours as a more convenient alternative.

Talking to a Senior About Memory Care – Deciding Who Should Participate

When planning to talk to your parent, you may decide that a one-on-one conversation is best. That can be especially important if your parent finds it hard to discuss their dementia. However, you may also want to involve other people in the conversation.

For example, you might decide to include other adult family members close to your parent. If you take this approach, be aware that the presence of a large group of people may be overwhelming. You may also want to involve a doctor or dementia specialist. That can be a big bonus if your parent is defensive about dementia or denial about its effects.

Talking About Transitioning to Memory Care – Picking the Right Circumstances

The circumstances in which you choose to talk about transitioning to memory care are important. That includes the following:

  • Place where you decide to have your conversation
  • The specific setting within that place
  • Time of day

For a person with dementia, morning conversations often work best. Make sure that the immediate surroundings are suitably private and comfortable.

Talking to a Senior About Memory Care – Deciding What to Say

When talking to a senior about memory care, the things you say are also vitally important. Experts recommend making sure that your body language and tone of voice are supportive. It’s also essential to take a consistent approach during your conversation. As a rule, it helps to focus on the many benefits of moving into senior memory care.

In addition, you might want to talk about the specific features of the facilities you’ve toured. This will allow you to paint a more vivid picture of what to expect. For many seniors, less fear and greater acceptance of what’s to come.

Be aware that your parent may still resist the idea of entering a memory care program. Try to be understanding of their situation. It may take time for them to adjust to the idea.

Turn to Parkway Place for High-Quality Senior Memory Care in Houston, TX

Is your senior parent in need of senior memory care in Houston, TX? Parkway Place is here for you. We feature a comprehensive memory care program for seniors affected by dementia. We’re committed to making the transition into this program as comfortable as possible. We’re also committed to helping your parent make the most of memory care’s daily living support.

Want more advice on talking to a senior about memory care? Call us today at 281.305.1846 or fill out our online form. We’re also standing by if you’re ready for a tour or have other questions about our services.