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Is My Parent in Need of Dementia Care?

Woman hugs her senior mom as she helps her pack, wondering if her parent is in need of dementia care

Does my parent need dementia care? If a parent has been diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease or another form of dementia, the whole family is affected. Many adult children put off getting professional help, instead choosing to care for them at home. However, over time, homecare can become increasingly difficult, as these diseases often are progressive, meaning they get worse over time.

If you’re wondering what the best option is for your parent, we welcome you to reach out to Parkway Place. Our team will work with you to find the best option for your parent’s situation. We can also answer any questions you may have. To learn more about dementia care for parents, please contact us today at 281.305.1846.  Our dementia care program is here to help you and your family.

Does My Parent Need Dementia Care?

Does my parent need dementia care or elderly dementia treatment? There are a variety of signs that your parent requires more intensive care.

They Have Difficulty Performing Activities of Daily Living

As your parent’s cognitive abilities decline, they may experience more difficulty remaining independent. For instance, if they have difficulty using the bathroom on their own and you’re unable to lift them, they need more care than you can provide. In such cases, it could be dangerous for both you and them to live at home. Dementia care programs have aides and other staff members who have equipment and training so that your loved one remains safe as they perform these activities.

Your Parent’s Behavior Has Changed

As your parent’s disease progresses, they may become irritable or agitated. In some cases, they may also be aggressive. These behaviors aren’t necessarily directed at you. They may be a result of your loved one not being able to communicate their fears or frustrations. However, it can be difficult to deal with these behaviors alone. At a dementia care program, staff have the training and skills necessary to redirect the behavior and contain it, if necessary.

They Get Lost or Suffer Falls

Most homes are not equipped with a secure environment to prevent adults with dementia from leaving. This lack is problematic, as your parent may wander away from home and get injured. They may fall and hurt themselves, or they could become lost. It can be challenging to prevent wandering behaviors in a home setting, but memory care communities can offer built-in safety features to help your loved one stay in a supervised setting. These areas are designed to prevent falls and getting lost, so you can have peace of mind even if you aren’t with your parent.

They Need Around-the-Clock Care

As dementia progresses, your parent will need someone who can be with them 24 hours a day. They may have worsening health issues or their needs may increase beyond what you can provide. Even if you can manage the care they need, you would have to juggle their needs with a job, family responsibilities, or errands. Usually, this option isn’t healthy for either you or your parent.

Dementia Care at Parkway Place

At Parkway Place, we want your parent’s needs to come first. We provide a protected residential environment that is closely monitored to prevent residents from suddenly leaving. In addition, your loved one will have access to amenities such as:

  • A private suite
  • Daily activities and outings for our residents
  • Lifestyle programs
  • Faith-based dementia care
  • Three meals prepared by culinary professionals
  • Housekeeping services

In addition, your parent will be surrounded by a community of their peers. They can be with other older adults in a community that fits their needs.

Discover Parkway Place’s Compassionate Parental Dementia Care

To learn more about what dementia care at Parkway Place has to offer, please contact our caring team at 281.305.1846 or use our convenient online form. Our dementia treatment program is here to ensure your loved one receives the best care possible. We look forward to making a difference in your parent’s life.