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Can I Visit My Loved One in Senior Independent Living?

Woman sits on couch as she visits senior loved one in senior independent living

Senior independent living is a popular housing option for older adults past retirement age. Your loved one may already be considering enrolling in an independent living program. If so, you may have questions about the norms and routines that come with this form of housing. That includes questions about whether you can visit your loved one who enters independent living. The typical program actually encourages family members to visit. However, you should be aware that some circumstances for visiting are better than others. To learn more about Parkway Place’s visiting options, contact us at 281.305.1846 today.

Why Visiting a Loved One in Senior Living Is Encouraged

It’s important to visit your elderly loved one at their independent living facility. The same holds true for elders enrolled in other senior living options. Why? Research and extensive experience show that your visits can benefit your loved one in several ways. Examples of these potential benefits include:

  • Increasing the odds that they will stay mentally and physically healthy
  • Providing a vital morale boost while your loved one adjusts to their new environment
  • Helping them feel less lonely
  • Demonstrating your commitment to your loved one’s ongoing welfare

Your visits also help you become a regular participant in your loved one’s new life. Many senior living communities offer activities that support this kind of long-term engagement. Today, it’s also relatively easy to stay in touch between visits or when visits aren’t possible. Options available to most people include phone calls and video chats.

How Senior Independent Living Visits Can Benefit You 

Your loved one in independent living is not the only beneficiary of your visits. Such visits can also be important for you. Not only do you have the chance to spend face-to-face time with your elderly parent. You can also get a firsthand view of how they’re doing.

This is a great way to keep track of your loved one’s health. It also allows you to note any functional changes that might indicate it’s time to consider other senior living options. In addition, your visits allow you to check the standard of care provided at your loved one’s facility. If you have any concerns, you can speak directly with a staff member.

Things to Keep in Mind When Visiting a Loved One in Senior Living

Want to make the most of your visits to see your loved one in senior independent living? It’s important to keep certain things in mind. The list of typical considerations includes:

  • The timing of your visit
  • The duration of your stay
  • How present you can be during your visit

Several factors can affect the timing of your visit. These factors include both the time of day and the day of the week. Conflicts with your loved one’s scheduled activities may also be a concern. Before your visit, make sure you’ve considered these kinds of issues.

Also, consider the length of your visit. In some cases, a shorter stay might be more fulfilling for both you and your loved one. Finally, the more present you can be during your visit, the better. Do what you can to put other concerns on hold to truly enjoy the moment.

Find Out More About Senior Independent Living Visits at Parkway Place

Do you want to know more about visiting your loved one in an independent living community? Consult the experts at Parkway Place. We’re standing by with advice on planning successful senior independent living visits.

Have any other questions about independent living for seniors? As premier providers of senior living services, we’re quite happy to answer them. No matter your situation, we’re committed to helping your loved one thrive in retirement. Contact us today at 281.305.1846 or complete our online message form.