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At What Age Do Most Seniors Enter Assisted Living?

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Assisted living is one of America’s most widely used senior housing options. Residents of an assisted living facility receive an array of services that help them meet the challenges of daily life. They may also receive a number of additional services that help make their lives more exciting, interesting, and enjoyable. If you’re planning to enter senior assisted living, you may want to learn more about the residents of a typical facility. One common point of interest is the average age of those who start their programs. Call Parkway Place at 281.305.1846 to learn more.

How Old is the Average Person in Assisted Living?

You can enter senior assisted living at any time once you meet the minimum age requirement. The exact age required varies from facility to facility. At Parkway Place, you must be at least 62. Other facilities may require you to be a bit older or younger.

When Do Most Seniors Begin Their Assisted Living Program?

Most seniors first enter their programs well after reaching the minimum residency age. In fact, the most common age for new residents falls somewhere between 75 and 84. Still, significant numbers of seniors begin their programs while in their 60s, early 70s, or late 80s.

Other Facts and Figures on Typical Program Residents

You may also be interested in other facts and figures on the residents of assisted living programs. Slightly more than half of all residents nationwide are 85 or older—roughly a third fall between the ages of 74 and 85. One in every ten residents is 65- to 74 years old. Just a few residents are 64 or younger.

The average age of seniors in facilities that provide living assistance is 87. Some of these residents have been in their programs for years or even decades. Others have only recently moved into their facility.

Core Senior Assisted Living Services

Regardless of your age at the time of enrollment, senior assisted living facilities are defined by the core services they provide. The most essential service is help with daily living activities. In descending order, areas where this help is most often needed include:

  • Bathing
  • Walking
  • Grooming and dressing
  • Using the restroom
  • Eating

Certain other senior assisted living services can also be viewed as core program elements. Examples here include:

  • Prepared meals
  • Access to some form of medical care
  • Laundry services
  • Housekeeping services

In addition, the typical program features 24/7 support for emergency situations.

The details of how a given program operates may vary. In addition, some programs provide more than one level of assistance. However, as a rule, you’ll find all of these options in one form or another.

Additional Services

Many programs also provide additional services for their residents. These services have an important goal. Namely, they’re designed to enhance your health and day-to-day quality of life. Your potential options may include exercise classes and facilities. They may also include recreational or educational programs.

Group outings are another possible option in a well-designed program. In addition, you may have access to dietitians or other important support personnel. The specific facility you choose may also offer other life-enhancing amenities.

Get More Information About Assisted Living at Parkway Place

Want to learn more about assisted living for seniors? Talk to the specialists at Parkway Place. We’re happy to answer your questions and provide timely advice.

Parkway Place features a full-spectrum approach to senior assisted living. We not only provide the core services you expect. In addition, we offer a complete slate of secondary services. These services go far beyond daily living support. With our help, you’ll also enjoy a vibrant lifestyle that provides as much independence as possible. Just call us today at 281.305.1846. We’re also available through our online contact form.