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Finding an Independent Living Facility for Seniors

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You are in the market for a great senior independent living facility for yourself or a loved one. But, how will you know you are getting the home best suited to all your needs? Choosing a senior independent living facility does not need to be stressful or overwhelming if you have a good idea of what questions to ask. 

If you are interested in senior independent living in Houston, TX, you can get many answers to your basic questions by calling Buckner Parkway Place. Buckner Parkway Place is the premier choice for seniors living in Houston. We want you to find somewhere that will enhance your quality of life and offer you the community you want and the support you need. Reach out to our Buckner Parkway Place team today for help finding a senior independent living facility by calling 833.539.1363 or filling out our online form.

Finding a Senior Independent Living Facility

It’s always the best idea to start any research with a checklist. That way, you know you’ll hit all the important points at each place you visit. Thinking about where you want to spend your golden years, the basic criteria for that checklist are where, who, what, how, why, and how much?

Some information you need to make your best decision includes:

  • Where? – Location is crucial, and those requirements differ for everyone. Do you want to be near family, in the country or a town, live in a high-rise, or more of a campus setting? Is proximity to shopping and restaurants vital to you?
  • Who? – Consider both staff and the residents. Is the staff licensed and supervised, personable and respectful, compassionate and attentive? 
  • What? – This includes what the facility looks like and what is offered.
  • You want to be sure that the setting is pleasant, that it meets your aesthetic criteria, and that both your apartment and the common areas are attractive and comfortable.
  • In addition, what kinds of activities are offered and how often? Are there frequent trips into the surrounding community for shopping, enrichment, meals, and other things? What about classes, book clubs, fitness options?
  • How? – Do you have plenty of autonomy and yet feel safe if you need support? Is it clear how you connect to people, find out what is going on each day, and what your options are? It is essential that you feel comfortable and able to navigate your new environment quickly and with minimal stress.
  • Why? – This relates to the mission and vision of each independent senior living facility. Does the management base its business model on best practices? Are there guiding principles that indicate what is important about this particular site? It’s a good idea to know the why behind the what.
  • How much? – Practical matters are in many ways the most important of all. Find out all you can about costs, what services are included, what billing policies are, and what extras can be expected? Are there graduated care options as your needs change? If so, how do they affect overall expenses?

Turn to Buckner Parkway Place for Help Finding a Senior Independent Living Facility 

Buckner Parkway Place is one of six communities that are part of Buckner Retirement Services, all of which are founded on principles of connection, independence, purpose, security, and service. These principles provide a guiding vision that helps us achieve our goal of ensuring you live your best life.

We are eager to tell you more about Buckner Parkway Place and the wide range of services and amenities we offer in our beautiful Houston setting. Call 833.539.1363 today or use our online form to get in touch with our friendly Buckner Parkway Place team.