Senior wellness is multi-faceted: physical and social.

We’re proud to offer one of Houston’s most personalized fitness programs available to senior adults. We also know that social wellness is just as important for senior health. That’s why each month’s lifestyles calendar is full of different opportunities to be well!

The fitness center in the Parkway Place senior wellness center allows residents to establish individual workout plans with our on-staff wellness director and track fitness progress in real-time. Whether you’re recovering from an injury or want to improve balance, we can help you get there.

There’s no better time than your golden years to explore new hobbies and passions.

That’s why we provide plenty of opportunities to create lasting memories with your Parkway Place friends and neighbors through regular activities and outings that are aimed at promoting seniors’ health and wellness. Whether you’re passionate about quilts, golf or reading–there’s something here for you!

“I love working with senior adults because not only am I serving them, but I’m also learning from them and their amazing life experiences.”

– Shima Reddy, Director of Administrative Service