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Occupational Therapy

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Health professional helps resident pick out coffee mug during senior occupational therapyWelcome to Parkway Place, where we believe in promoting independence, purpose, and high quality of life for our residents. Our senior occupational therapy program is designed to empower seniors to live their fullest lives, despite any physical or cognitive challenges they may face.

To learn more about Parkway Place’s occupational therapy for seniors, contact us at 281.305.1846. Our senior services¬†are here to make seniors comfortable and supported as they engage in meaningful activities. We understand the unique physical, cognitive, and psychological needs of seniors, and our goal is to create a personalized plan that helps them lead more independent lives.

What Is Occupational Therapy?

Occupational therapy is a type of healthcare designed to help individuals perform daily activities with ease, whether it’s dressing, cooking, or engaging in hobbies. For seniors, occupational therapy can be a game-changer, helping them to maintain or regain their independence and continue to enjoy their favorite activities.

It also plays a crucial role in getting seniors back on their feet after an injury or illness. Occupational therapists use specialized techniques to help seniors regain mobility, flexibility, strength, and coordination. They also work closely with patients to develop strategies for managing pain and making daily tasks easier.

At Parkway Place, our experienced occupational therapists offer treatment plans tailored to each individual’s needs. We focus on activities that our residents enjoy and look forward to, such as:

  • Playing cards
  • Gardening
  • Engaging in social activities
  • Cooking
  • Range-of-motion exercises
  • Balance and coordination work
  • Strengthening exercises

Through this personalized approach and our commitment to individual care, we strive to make life more manageable and fun for every senior who comes through our doors.

The Importance of Senior Occupational Therapy

As we age, it’s common to experience changes in our physical and cognitive abilities. These changes can affect how we carry out everyday tasks and participate in activities we love. That’s where senior occupational therapy comes in. It can:

Improve Physical Abilities

Occupational therapy helps seniors strengthen their physical abilities, improving their balance, coordination, and overall mobility.

Enhance Cognitive Function

Through various activities and exercises, occupational therapy can help improve memory, problem-solving, and other cognitive skills.

Promote Independence

By focusing on the skills needed for daily living, occupational therapy empowers seniors to live independently, contributing to a better quality of life.

Boost Mental Well-Being

The sense of accomplishment from being able to perform tasks independently can significantly boost a senior’s self-esteem and overall mental well-being.

Our Senior Occupational Therapy Program

At Parkway Place, we offer a comprehensive occupational therapy program tailored to the specific needs of each resident. Our qualified and compassionate therapists work one-on-one with residents, creating personalized therapy plans that enhance their unique skills and abilities.

Our program includes a variety of therapies aimed at improving daily living skills, such as dressing, cooking, and using a computer. We also offer therapies designed to improve strength, balance, and coordination. But we don’t stop there. Recognizing the importance of leisure activities in a balanced life, our program also incorporates therapies that enable residents to participate in their favorite hobbies, whether it’s painting, gardening, or playing a musical instrument.

Choose Parkway Place’s Occupational Therapy Program

Choosing Parkway Place means choosing a committed partner in your or your loved one’s health and well-being. We’re more than just a senior living community; we’re a place where residents are empowered to live their best lives. Our core principles of connection, independence, purpose, security, and service guide everything we do.

Our senior occupational therapy program is just one part of our holistic approach to care. We also offer physical and speech therapy services, amenities, and activities designed to enhance our residents’ lives.

If you’re looking for a senior living community that values independence and quality of life, we invite you to learn more about Parkway Place. Contact us today at 281.305.1846 to find out how our occupational therapy program can make a difference in your or your loved one’s life.