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What’s the Difference: Independent Living Vs. Assisted Living

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Assisted living and independent living are two of the primary levels of service available in senior retirement communities. In the right circumstances, each of these options can help you stay vital and active as you grow older. However, there are some distinct differences between assisted and independent living programs. Which one will provide the greatest benefit for you or your loved one? That depends on the details of your personal situation.

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Independent Living Vs. Assisted Living – Overview of Purpose

One of the biggest differences between independent and assisted living is the groups of seniors they serve. Seniors in independent living programs are generally healthy and well. As a rule, they’re motivated by things such as:

  • Easing or removing the many responsibilities of home ownership
  • Maximizing the amount of time available for enjoyable activities
  • Escaping a socially isolated living situation
  • Maintaining vibrant ties between themselves and their communities

People in assisted living programs share many or even all of these motivations. However, they’re affected by health issues that make it harder for them to function well in everyday life. To successfully cope with the impact of these issues, they require some kind of daily living support.

Level of Medical Care

When talking about assisted vs. independent living, another notable difference is the level of provided medical services. Residents of independent living programs don’t require any ongoing medical monitoring. Unaided, they can carry out activities of daily living that include:

  • Bathing
  • Walking
  • Using the bathroom
  • Eating
  • Getting dressed
  • Standing and sitting

For these reasons, medical services are only required on an as-needed basis.

In contrast, residents of assisted living programs need help with at least some daily living activities. For that reason, programs in this category feature on-call medical personnel. Any time of day or night, these trained professionals can help you with your daily living needs. They can also help you manage the use of any required medications.

Family Involvement

Family involvement is essential in all kinds of senior living programs. But when it comes to assisted living vs. independent living, the level of involvement can vary. Why?

Seniors in independent living tend to be the main decision-makers regarding their care. Other

family members may play a more secondary decision-making role. They may also have no role at all.

The same can hold true for seniors in assisted living. However, that’s not always the case. Many residents of these programs grant certain relatives access to information on their health and care needs.

Beyond the Differences – Assisted Vs. Independent Living

Despite their differences, all senior living programs share certain goals. One major goal is helping you or your loved one thrive in retirement. Another chief goal is helping you live as independently as possible for your given situation.

In addition, assisted and independent living programs offer many of the same amenities. Examples here include safe surroundings and comfortable, well-maintained housing options. They also include dining and housekeeping services, as well as recreational programs.

Learn More About Senior Living Options at Parkway Place

Want to know more about independent vs. assisted living? Contact the senior living experts at Parkway Place. We’ll explain all of the differences between these two options. We’ll also help you determine which one is best for you or your loved one.

Parkway Place features a complete range of senior living programs. Available services not only include assisted and independent living; we also have a memory care program and long-term skilled nursing care. In addition, we offer respite care for the caretakers of older adults. For more information, just call us today at 281.305.1846. You can also contact us through our online message form.