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5 Signs of Dementia

Senior adult talking to nurse while showing signs of dementia

America’s senior population is steadily increasing. Along with this increase comes a greater and greater need for the specialized resources of memory care programs. Programs of this type are designed to deliver effective dementia care for seniors. They allow your loved one to live with dignity in a well-supported daily environment. How can you tell if your parent may need a dementia memory care program? Awareness of the potential signs of dementia will help you make this critical decision. Contact Parkway Place at 281.305.1846 to learn more about the symptoms of dementia as well as treatment options.

Common Symptoms of Dementia

Recognizing some common signs of dementia can help you get your family the support necessary. Some signs of dementia include:

1. Memory Loss

Memory problems are fairly common among older adults. Most of the time, these problems are not alarming and form part of the normal aging process. However, they sometimes point to the presence of dementia. What’s the difference between the two? As a rule, memory problems associated with normal aging are relatively minor. In contrast, dementia-related issues tend to have much more significant effects. Things to look for include:

  • Frequent problems making poor decisions or judgments
  • Forgetting significant events or important dates
  • Repeatedly asking a question once an answer has been given

Issues such as these can potentially interfere with your parent’s quality of life.

2. Problems with Familiar Tasks

Most of us have routine tasks that we carry out repeatedly as needed. One of the potential symptoms of dementia is difficulty performing these familiar tasks. Specific areas where you may notice problems include:

  • Driving familiar routes
  • Getting organized for a shopping trip
  • Using a kitchen appliance

Your senior parent may also have difficulty with familiar leisure activities.

3. Unusual Language Problems

Anyone can occasionally forget a word or make verbal slip-ups as they age. If dementia is present, more serious language issues may occur. For example, your parent may get lost in the middle of a sentence. They may also have problems following other people’s conversations. In addition, your parent may call familiar things by the wrong name. Problems coming up with any name for a familiar object are also common.

4. Confusion

Normal aging can lead a senior adult to experience episodes of momentary confusion. However, in a person with dementia, confusion may be much more serious and widespread. For instance, affected seniors may get confused about where they are. They also may not remember how they got somewhere or why. Time-related confusion is another common issue. This confusion may apply to anything from the time of day to the year’s season.

5. Not Being Able to Find Misplaced Things

Any older adult may have occasional problems misplacing things. However, in the absence of dementia, they can typically retrace their steps and locate whatever’s missing. But when dementia is present, your parent may lose the ability to find misplaced things. Adults with advancing dementia may accuse you or someone else of theft.

Turn to Parkway Place for Dementia Care

Concerned your parent may be showing signs of dementia? A doctor can help determine if Alzheimer’s or other forms of dementia have begun. If a diagnosis is made, it’s typically time to start considering memory care for your loved one.

At Parkway Place, we feature a specialized memory care program. In all respects, this program is designed to support your parent with dementia. Highlights include private suites and a secure residential environment. They also include planned daily activities and lifestyle options that suit your parent’s personal preferences. Want more information? Contact Parkway Place today at 281.305.1846. You can also fill out our online information form.