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Recreational Programs

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Unfortunately, many seniors become isolated from their peers due to health problems or lack of access to others. An active social schedule is an excellent way to keep seniors engaged and keep their mental health sharp. One of the many ways to accomplish this goal is recreational programs for seniors. seniors in pool enjoying recreational programs

At Buckner Parkway Place, we proudly provide recreational programs in Houston, TX, as one of our many resident programs for seniors who enjoy the company of others. If you or someone you care about might benefit from recreational programs for seniors, contact our team today by calling 281.305.1846 or completing our convenient online form. Our team is standing by to answer your questions about recreational programs at Buckner Parkway Place.

The Importance of Recreational Programs for Seniors

The truth is that it’s never too late to try new activities or hobbies. Recreational programs for seniors are an excellent way for seniors to remain active, maintain their independence, and stay connected to other seniors. Also, recreational activities for seniors help prevent dementia, loneliness, and isolation. Whether it’s a trip to the movies, tennis matches, or attending a concert, recreational programs for seniors help residents feel as young and vibrant as ever.

Recreational Activities for Seniors

At Buckner Parkway Place, our residents enjoy a wide array of activities that focus on their busy social lives. We ensure that there are activities for all of our seniors’ needs, so whether one of our residents is healthy enough to participate in exercise programs or another resident prefers more sedentary activities, we do our best to provide something for everyone. 

Our Buckner Parkway Place team provides recreational programs for seniors such as:

  • Outings – We provide transportation to and from outings off-campus, so there are plenty of opportunities for our residents to safely explore new places and experiences. 
  • Spa – Our luxurious accommodations include our spa, where our residents can relax and rejuvenate. 
  • Library – Reading is a pastime that everyone can enjoy. As such, we provide a fully-stocked library with all of the genres that our seniors like to read.
  • Community outreach – As a faith-based senior care provider, our Buckner Parkway Place team connects residents with our community so that seniors can provide services and support to help the residents of Houston.
  • Arts and crafts – Our arts and crafts program give seniors the opportunity to express themselves creatively, maintain dexterity, and learn new artistic techniques.
  • Clubs and committees – The clubs and committees at Buckner Parkway Place give our residents a means for connecting with other residents who have similar interests. This is a terrific way to build bonds with other Buckner Parkway Place residents.
  • Exercise programs – No matter the fitness level of our residents, we provide a range of exercise programs, such as water aerobics or a walking club, so that everyone has a way to keep physically active.

Levels of Care at Buckner Parkway Place

In addition to our recreational programs for seniors, we provide levels of care to fit the needs of all seniors. Once you or a senior you care about has become one of our valued residents, our team works with you to determine which level of care would be best.

Our range of care levels include:

Explore Recreational Programs for Seniors at Buckner Parkway Place

At Buckner Parkway Place in Houston, TX, our luxurious residences and list of amenities cause us to be the leading provider of senior living care in the area. Our team of dedicated caregivers ensures that all of our residents enjoy all that life has to offer, including through the use of our recreational programs for seniors. Learn more about our programs and services from our friendly team today by calling 281.305.1846 or filling out our online form.