Spiritual Wellness

Where active senior adults come to live well.

As a non-profit, faith-based senior living community, Parkway Place is honored to have a full-time chaplain on staff. This chaplain provides weekly Bible studies, counseling and support for residents in each care level of the Parkway Place community.

These optional services encourage Parkway Place residents to grow in their faith and spiritual wellness alongside friends and neighbors. Serving the kingdom of God with Christ-like attitudes is what sets Parkway Place apart.

“I have the pleasure to meet, discuss and live life with seniors as a faith-based chaplain. I get to sit in their home and learn about their lives as we smile, chuckle, and laugh together. Yet I also sit in their home and cry with them as they have experienced tragedy or loss. This is where the healing begins. 

 Accepting God’s role in their lives through the good times and the bad keeps them on the path to wellness. And I am privileged to be able to walk beside each of them as we do life together.”

– John Bender, Parkway Place chaplain 

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